Class Levels

Below we have provided a list and descriptions of the various swim levels. The Class Levels are based on age and skill level. The skills we expect a swimmer to be able to perform in order to complete a particular swim level at Wedgwood are listed in the table entitled Class Goals. This information can assist you in determining which class is the most suitable for your child. It is important for your child to be placed in a class that will address his/her needs and support the development of specific skills. Additionally, flexibility to move a swimmer to a different level once the session has begun is limited. For these reasons, if you are at all unsure about your child's skill level or need help determining an appropriate class, we highly recommend that you bring them in for a brief, complimentary swim test (conducted by one of our instructors) during our normal hours of operation.

 Class Level  Class Size - Morning  Class Size - Evening
Preschool I (3-5 yrs)  5  4
Preschool II (3-5 yrs)  5  4
Preschool III (3-5 yrs)  5  4
Floater (Over 5yrs)  5  4
Beginner I  6  5
Beginner II  6  n/a
Advanced Beginner  6  n/a
Intermediate I  8  n/a
Intermediate II  8  n/a
Swimmer  8  n/a

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** Not all class levels will be offered at all class times. We appreciate your flexibility in this matter.

- We offer no formal instruction for children under the age of three. NO EXCEPTIONS.
- Please do not register children who are not potty trained or who have difficult telling someone they need to use the bathroom.
- Only the enrolled swimmer may enter the water at any time during the lesson or practice swim.

Competitive Stroke

Registration for Competitive Stroke is restricted to Wedgwood Swim Team members. All Wedgwood Swim Team members who have passed Intermediate I or who have received the Head Coach’s permission are encouraged to take these lessons.

Competitive Stroke is offered at the 10:15, 10:45 and 11:30 times during sessions 1 and 2 (session 3 may be added depending on demand). Wedgwood Swim Team coaches instruct each Competitive Stroke class. To provide ample opportunity for focused and individual instruction, Competitive Stroke class ratios will be limited to one coach per five swimmers.

When you register, you will sign up for time preferences. Please understand that although an effort will be made to place swimmers in the times they requested, coaches will also attempt to group swimmers of similar abilities in classes together. This will help to ensure the highest quality instruction and most opportunities for improvement.

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Class Goals

PRESCHOOL I (3-5 yrs)

Comfortable in water
Opens eyes in water
Horizontal position, front (asst.)
Horizontal position, back (asst.)
Bobs, 5 in shallow water
Kicking on front
Kicking on back
Face float
Deep water exposure, 4 ft.

PRESCHOOL II (3-5 yrs)

Face float, 10 count *
Back float
Float and kick, front, 10 ft. *
Float and kick, back 10 ft. *
Bobbing *
Crawl stroke, no breathing
Sit Dive
Rhythmic breathing
Deep water exposure, 12 ft.
(* in 3 feet)

PRESCHOOL III (3-5 yrs.)

Crawl stroke, no breathing, good form, 10 ft
Crawl stroke, some side breathing
Backstroke, 10 ft.
Back float, 15 seconds
Change positions, back to crawl
Jump into deep water 12ft.
Kick with kick board, 25 ft.
Wing and kick on back 10 ft.
Sit Dive

FLOATER (Over 5)

Comfortable in water
Face in water, 10 count
Face float in 3 ft., 10 seconds
Back float in 3 ft.
Crawl stroke, no breathing, 15 ft.
Kick across pool with kick board
Wing & kick on back across pool
Deep water exposure, 12 ft.
Beginning rhythmic breathing


Crawl stroke, good form
Back stroke, good form, 25 ft
Back float, 30 seconds
Rhythmic breathing to the side, 10 times
Crawl stroke, some side breathing, across pool
Kick width of pool w/ kick board
Wing and kick on back, 25 ft.
Beginning dive


Crawl stroke, side breathing, width of the pool, good form
Backstroke, width of pool, good form
Wing and kick on back, 25 yds.
Back float. 45 seconds
Combined, back to crawl
Kick 25 yds. w/ kick board
Dive into deep water
Tread water, proper coordination


Crawl stroke, side breathing, 25 yards, good form
Backstroke, 25 yds., good form
Elementary backstroke, 25 yards
Beginning breastroke
Breaststroke kick
Back float, 1 minute
Tread water, 1 minute
Dive, good from
Bobbing in deep water 10 times
Under water swimming


Crawl stroke, side breathing, 50 yards, good form
Backstroke, 50 yds., good form
Back float, 2 minutes
Breaststroke, proper coordination
Elementary backstroke, 50 yds.
Tread water, 2 minutes
Dive good form
Bobbing in deep water, 20 times
Underwater swimming


Crawl stroke, good from, 75 yards
Backstroke, good form, 50 yards
Back float, 5 minutes
Breaststroke, good form , 25  yards
Introduction to sidestroke
Introduction to butterfly
Tread water, 3 minutes
Dive, good form, from board
Bobbing in deep water 10 times
Introduction to turns
Combined skills


Crawl stroke, good form, 100 yards
Backstroke, good form, 50 yards
Back float, 5 minutes
Breaststroke, good form, 50 yards
Sidestroke, good form, 25 yards
Butterfly, proper coordination
Tread water, 5 minutes
Dive, good form, from board
Bobbing in deep water 20 times
Turns, proper coordination
Underwater swimming, 25 feet

Crawl stroke, good form, 150 yd. Breaststroke, good form, 75 yd. Backstroke, good form, 100 yd. Butterfly, good form, 25 yd. Dive, good form, from blocks Turns, proper coordination

Please note: only offered to swimmers who have passed the ADVANCED BEGINNER level

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